Pounding, Shaving and Weaving

Alice makes her baskets from high quality, New Hampshire black ash logs. She strips the black ash logs of their bark, then pounds the logs to loosen the layers of wood.  She then strips the layers, each representing one annual growth ring, off the log.  She smooths and cuts these rough splints for use in her baskets.

After weaving, Alice finishes her baskets with her trademark hand-carved oak handles.  Unlike many baskets with sawn handles, Alice’s baskets have skillfully whittled handles made from the wood of white oak trees, which she has shaved along the true grain.  She lashes the delicate but sturdy handles tightly to the basket with a length of black ash splint. Alice signs and dates each basket.

Alice Ogden Peeling a Black Ash Splint
Alice Ogden peeling Black Ash splints from the Black Ash log. The splints will be prepared further before weaving into a basket.
Alice Ogden Splitting a Black Ash Splint
Alice Ogden Splitting a rough Black Ash splint into its satin edge, which further prepares the splint for weaving.
Alice Ogden Carving
Alice Ogden carving white oak rims and handles.