Alice Ogden's Tree Stars Kit
Alice Ogden's Tree Stars Kit

Alice Ogden’s Tree Stars Kit contains everything needed to learn the basic steps of traditional basketry using black ash splints. The kit contains the materials and step-by-step instructions for making a Tree Star. It is a wonderful project that introduces kids to basket weaving, sewing, and an appreciation for working with materials gathered from nature. All of the materials in the kit can be gathered from the woods, swamps and fields of New Hampshire. The star itself is woven using pre-cut, traditionally-prepared black ash splints – a Star made from a Tree.

The Tree Stars kit was designed by Alice while she was a resident artist, teaching younger children in New Hampshire elementary schools.

Great for kids ages 5 and up!

Each Tree Stars Kit contains:

10 Black Ash splints
1 longer weaver splint
Cattails for hanger and streamers
Birch bark stars
Sapling beads
Instructions for kids!
$10 each individually packaged kit

Available in bulk or as individually packaged kits, ready for store displays. Call for wholesale prices.

Designed and packaged by Alice Ogden.  ©1995 Alice Ogden. All rights reserved.

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